Monday, March 31, 2014

Kendall Schmidt Is Choosing TuneCore

Artist, singer and trending Internet star Kendall Schmidt is choosing TuneCore music publishing to release his new band Heffron Drive's debut album and first single "Parallel". Now available on iTunes, the album was played live at multiple showcases this month during the SXSW music festival in Austin, TX.

Here is a bit from the interview, check out the rest of the interview on TuneCore Blog.

What are 3 tips you would give to an independent artist looking to grow his or her career?

#1. I think it’s important to know your music and really spend the time trying to find what’s going to make you different. I think about that a lot while writing Heffron Drive songs—my music is going to be diverse, but will have underlying themes tying it all together.

#2. It’s also important to have a team or someone who really believes in you and what you’re doing. You want to be around people who will spread the word about your music, people who will offer help and resources just because they want you to succeed. Having somebody in your corner is really important.

#3. Make connections. It’s important to go out and meet people, even beyond just spreading your music; it’s about spreading the word that you’re a good person, so be open and as friendly to people as you can be. I think if you’re up-and-coming, it’s really important to let your personality shine as well as your music. 

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