Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Drafting Table Top Uses

Drafting table tops are most commonly associated with architectural work, however they have a variety of uses. A drafting table is a special type of desk that may be adjusted or tilted a variety of ways depending on a person’s needs. Drafting table tops, or drafting boards, feature a number of uses, most of which involve creative professions.

One of the more traditional uses for drafting table tops, cartographers, or mapmakers, have often used these desks when drawing maps. Since maps are generally much larger than other printed materials, it makes total sense to spread out work on a large surface. Whether creating a local, regional, national or global map, drafting table tops make such work a whole lot easier.

As mentioned above, drafting table tops have long been associated with architectural work. They allow architects to easily create blueprints of large and small buildings, as much like mapmaking more desk space is required for this work. If you’ve ever set foot in an architectural firm, you’ll likely have noticed drafting tables all over the office!

Fine Arts
Artists have often benefited from drafting table tops, as they can angle these desks as desired to work on a certain section of a painting, sketch, drawing or other project. Keeping the table flat also allows the artist to spread out notebooks, large sheets of paper or canvases, paints, pencils, rulers and any other necessary materials. It’s not uncommon to see such desks in the studios of professional artists, or in university art classes. Commercial artists also frequently make use of drafting table tops.

Crafts and Hobbies
Another popular use for drafting tables is crafts and hobbies. No matter what the craft, such as those involving seashells, fabric, wreaths, figurines, jewelry or metalwork, knitting, paper and much, much more, drafting tables make fantastic accessories. Work is easily spread out across the table, which is especially helpful if the craft is large in nature. The same is true for hobbyists--cleaning a collection in preparation for mounting or other display is much easier when a drafting table top is in use.

Creating something is not necessary to use a drafting table! They come highly recommended if engaged in other activities for a long period of time, such as reading. Additionally, reading a sizable book or other materials that won’t fit on a conventional desk is much more convenient when using a drafting table. Whether studying for a college or graduate school class or working on a project that requires pulling information from multiple sources, a drafting table’s considerable size helps lessen any stress associated with the project. And because the table is adjustable, it’s easy to bring the reading material closer to you rather than hunching over a tiny desk.

Drafting table tops come in a wide variety of sizes and may include any number of features. These include split-top and portable options, as well as those made specifically for hobbies. Such tables often feature wood or vinyl tops.

Make whatever project you’re working on easier by investing in a drafting table top! Adjust it to your liking and use it for a variety of activities. You’ll wonder how you stood using small, conventional desks for so long!

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