Monday, March 10, 2014

Card Giving for the Frugal-Living

Despite the numerous ways to show you care about or appreciate someone, giving a card as the item itself or as part of the gift is still a great, fashionable method to showing you are thinking about someone. A card with a handwritten message comes across as personal and heartfelt unlike many other gift-giving options could. Card giving, however, while fun and easy, can be a little pricey if you aren’t careful. A quick loan can help you extend your budget for such extras and more or if you follow the tips in this blog, though, you can save money on card giving and still get a gift with the same sentiment.

Make a Homemade Card
One of the best ways to save money on giving a card is to make one yourself. Buy some construction paper, some markers, some glue, or just some nice stationary and create a one-of-a-kind gift that anybody can appreciate. The cost of buying these products will not only be cheaper than the price of one card, you will likely have the chance to use the same materials for more homemade cards in the future. If any card a great, personalized way to communicate with someone, a homemade card achieves that goal even more.

Consider How and Where you Buy Your Cards
First, think about shop for cards in bulk. Because card giving often involves giving cards to large groups of people, consider buying your cards in bulk to save money overall. Sites like Vistaprint, Amazon, Zazzle, and other places offer options for giving cards in bulk. With these options, you can often get your message printed on the card for a nominal fee or leave them blank so you can hand write the messages. While some of the best deals might be found online, local stores and print shops likely run some great deals on bulk cards that you can take advantage of.  Second, think of thrift stores, flea markets, or other similar places that have cards at a huge markdown. Places like these will not only carry the cards you are looking for, but also cheap card making supplies if you are looking to make your own.

Make a Shorter list for the Holidays
One way to save money on cards is to give fewer of them. It’s great to show everyone in your life how much you care and appreciate them, but consider sticking to the key people in you and your family’s life to buy cards for. Getting cards for the mail person, your son’s teacher, the football coach for your daughter’s team, your yoga instructor, and your neighbor two flats down is a noble endeavor, but the amount of cards you have to buy at that point is huge. Stick to the key people you are closest to and you can make the most out of those card giving experiences. Consider smaller, less expensive or time consuming gifts for the people you aren’t as close to.

Give an E-Card
One way to save money on a card is through E-Cards. E-cards might not have the handmade feel that your own tangible, homemade, or handwritten card would, but there are still some great options with E-cards that make them personal and fulfilling options for card giving. Many E-cards are free and give you the option between personalized colors, graphics, cartoons, songs, or any number or other variables to create a truly unique card. With these options, not only do you have the built in design elements from the E-card company, you also have the chance to upload personal photos from your own collection. No matter how you do it, make card giving a unique, personal gift that doesn’t break the bank.

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