Thursday, February 27, 2014

Just For Men Touch Of Gray

Around the world, Just For Men is the brand guys count on when they want to look and feel their best.
Touch Of Gray Mustache & Beard - Now your man can get rid of some of the gray in their facial hair without getting rid of it all. The formula reduces the gray they don’t like, but lets him keep the gray they do. Balance out the grays in facial hair and head hair for a more even look. Fast and easy. No mix, no mess. Just brush in. Uses AirActiv Technology - the first and only oxygen-activated formula that can’t over-color. It preserves the natural variations in hair. Jason is only 35, but he is getting plenty of gray hairs (not to mention, losing some of it, but shhhh!) So, he enjoys using Touch Of Gray to help him feel more his age! Keep in the loop with the Just For Men Newsletter. Also click HERE for a coupon!

Check it all out at Just For Men on Facebook.

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