Sunday, February 9, 2014

Hero Dog Box - February

Hero Dog Box is a small family owned company based in San Diego, California. Robbie, Beverly and Riley started Hero Dog Box with the mission of introducing quality products to dogs and their families, while helping shelter/rescue dogs find their forever homes. They truly take pride in the boxes of goodies and want 100% of customers to be satisfied with the service. Their blue merle Australian Shepherd, Riley is the Hero Dog Box spokesdog and quality control expert. He has a hard job to do, as he has to be the first tester of all of the goodies to make sure they meet the standards! It is a tough job but some dog has to do it! 
The February box was great! Our Brittany, GiGi loved it! The box included:

Woofables Cheese Snacks
Grandma Bowser's Biscuits
Dog And Bone Apple Cinnamon Treats
Planet Dog Toy Ball
Poop Bags

Check it all out at Hero Dog Box on Facebook, as well as Hero Dog Box on Twitter.

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