Friday, February 28, 2014

Dressed To Deliver

Are you Dressed To Deliver? How about a birthing gown where fashion meets function? Give birth in style...for yourself, and for all those once in a lifetime first photos of you and your newborn. Who knows, it may even become your favorite thing to wear before or after you give birth! This soft jersey knit dress provides front and back snaps and an empire waist. This allows for easy access for baby monitors, epidurals, and nursing while keeping you supported and dignified. The Dressed To Deliver gown is designed by a medical professional, Mom tested and nurse approved, Feminine, yet functional, No more hospital gowns!
I received the Chloe 3-in-1 Birthing Gown. Wear your Gown as a …. maternity dress leading up to delivery day, labor and delivery gown on the your child’s birth-day, comfortable and stylish nursing dress during the weeks that follow… making it the most versatile Birthing Gown on the market! Features" Discreet front and back jersey-covered snaps allowing easy access for: baby monitoring, I.Vs & epidurals, C-section incision inspections and healing, ultrasound access. Soft, breathable, jersey knit fabric for mom’s and baby’s sensitive skin; more comforting than the poly/cotton hospital gowns. Empire waist with reinforced bust for maximum support. Strapped design allows instant skin-on-skin contact with baby, and easy access for breastfeeding. I wish I had this during my pregnancies! So comfy, and just perfect!


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