Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Valentine's Themed Pens - Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Remember back around Christmas, I posted about some great holiday themed pens? Well, now I got to try some for Valentine's Day! Pens by PCA are my new faves! I love the designs and the way they write!
Simple sweet pens like this stylish sparkle hearts design. Smooth twist action. Black Ink writes for over 3,000 feet. Made in the USA. Packaged in reusable tubes.
Also the fun Snifty scented pens. They combine yummy aromas and eye-catching designs. Perfect for kids of all ages...adults included. Snifty Scented Pens add a playful twist to your everyday pen. The scent is embedded in the tip and grip and each pen is packaged in a reusable tube.

Check out all the pens at PCA on Amazon.

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