Monday, January 13, 2014

My Golden Globes Rundown

It's Awards Season! Are you excited? I know I am. Here is my thoughts and rundown of last night's Golden Globe Awards!

*Jennifer Lawrence won for Best Supporting Actress. She is so cute. I love her. I love how she is just herself, dorky and all.
*Jacquelin Bissett was so sweet and emotional on her win, which was her first win ever. A long time coming for her, and she was genuinely shocked.

*Wolf Of Wall Street was up for awards. Anyone seen it yet? I really want to!

*American Hustle was up for awards. I did see this, and it was good, but not as good as I was expecting.
*WTF was Paula Patton wearing?
*I loved Olivia Wilde, so cute and simple! Preggo belly!
*I also really loved Kate Beckinsale's dress. Very nice.

*Bryan Cranston finally won for Best Actor TV Drama! I am just getting into Breaking Bad, on the second season, and love it!

*Kanye presented. Did he seem like way way way nervous to anyone else?

*Her was up for awards. Does anyone want to see this? It seems....well....stupid. Not sure on this one yet.

*August Osage County was up for awards. I really want to see this! Anyone seen it?

*Amy Adams won for Best Actress Comedy. I just adore her. She is so cute and so sweet.

*Did anyone else notice that they play the music to get people off the stage faster than normal? Or was that just me?

*I did not realize Amy Poehler was so short!
*How pretty was Sosie Bacon, Ms. Golden Globe? Gorgeous!

*Robin Wright got Best Actress TV Drama. I like her, but I think Taylor Schilling should have won.
*Jim Carrey dressed all in black. Looked very dapper.

*Did anyone else see in the audience when they were getting ready to announce Best Supporting Actor and they landed on Bradley Cooper and he whispered to Jennifer Lawrence what looked like "I'm not gonna get it." and she said back what looked like "F*ck them!"

*Jared Leto won for Best Supporting Actor, and it was a good choice. He deserved it.

*Dallas Buyers Club - thoughts? I have not seen it yet but I think it is a must-see!

*What is up with all these starlets chopping all their hair off? I am not sure I like the trend.

*12 Years A Slave was up for awards. Anyone seen this yet? I would like to.

*Forgive me for being daft, but Spike Jonze is white?

*Did anyone else notice that the stage set looked like slides? I was waiting for someone to slide down them! Ha!
*Laura Dern - wowza! She looked amazing! Have not seen her in awhile, and she looked great.

*Nebraska was up for awards. I have no interest in seeing it, but I liked Bruce Dern in Big Love. Ha!
*Julie Bowen, honey, no no no. What was up with that dress? Ugh!

*Andy Samberg won for Best Actor TV Comedy. I like him, but I think it should have went to Michael J. Fox.

*Orlando Bloom wearing shades of blue. I love that. He is so hot. Yum.

*You know, they are all sitting at dinner tables at the Golden Globes. Do they even eat? You never see anyone eating.
*I loved Melissa McCarthy's dress! Very nice. And hello! Did you see that ring on her finger? Wow!

*Matt Damon looked really good. Really fit. Love him.

*Enough Said, the movie. Anyone seen it? With the late James Gandolfini. I want to see that. Looks good.

*Amy Poehler won for Best Actress TV Comedy. I never noticed how truly pretty she is, in a different way.

*Woody Allen makes some weird movies. I've not seen but a handful of them because I usually do not like his movies. What do you think?

*Diane Keaton! Love her! Always have, always will.

*Gravity was up for awards. Anyone seen it? I think it seems rather dull.
*Wow! Uma Thurman looks fab! As always!

*Leo DiCaprio won for Best Actor, of course. But he deserved it, and damn, he is handsome!
*Did you see Drew Barrymore? She is so adorable. I love her. And that dress was so her!

Well, I guess that's it! Wait for the next awards show! I believe it is the Grammy's! Woot!

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