Friday, January 24, 2014

Jakers DVD's - Valentine's Day Gift Guide

This Emmy Award winning series Jakers! is part of a global brand with broadcast partners in over 60 countries, including PBS Kids in the US from 2003 to 2008. In present day, Piggley lives with his three grandchildren and their mother. Whenever the children have a problem, Piggley tells them one of his many, many childhood stories as a moral lesson, with flashbacks to 1950s Ireland with Piggley, his friends and family and the lessons he learned. The stories feature core preschool themes including storytelling, relationships and importance of family. Jakers! is a multi Emmy and BAFTA award winning CGI animated series produced by Mike Young Productions and distributed by Sky Vision. Get into the storytelling spirit with Piggley and friends!

Wish Upon A Story
No Girls Allowed: Piggley and Ferny join a boys only storytelling club. A Little Bit of Something Extra! Extra!: The kids set out to write newspaper stories but make up exciting adventure stories instead. Wish Upon a Story Part 1: Grandpa is a great storyteller, but on his birthday the kids decide to create a few stories of their own to tell him! Wish Upon a Story Part 2: Piggley and friends learn the story of the original Raloo Rocket.
Rock Around The Barn
Sing and dance your way around the barn with Piggley and friends! Song of the Banshee: Piggley and friends are frightened by a strange noise on the Farm until they discover it s only Wiley the Sheep trying to lead his flock in song! Rock Around the Cluck: Young Piggley discovers the joy of the new sounds of rock n roll and is suddenly eager to go to school for his guitar lessons. Return of Raloo Rockers: The Raloo Rockers must practice hard in order to be ready to audition for Uncle Buck s Variety Express. A Touch of Spain: The town throws Don Toro a special birthday fiesta complete with Spanish music, dancing, food and fireworks!
Legends Of Raloo
Molly's Dolly: A series of odd circumstances convinces Piggley that Molly's new doll is actually a real leprechaun in disguise! The Legend of Raloo: Mr. Hornsby's tale of ancient Irish battles inspires the kids to act out their own crusade. Lucky U: Using creativity and cleverness, Piggley and friends learn the true story behind the horseshoe Mr. Hornsby has hung on the schoolhouse door. Searching for Shamrock: Piggley borrows a special wooden shamrock from Mr. Hornsby, but ends up losing it! Will he be able to retrace his steps to find it?

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