Friday, January 17, 2014

Finderio People Search

Finderio is a semantic social people and companies search engine. They provide free search of people, companies and showing their connections in professional life. They help find and contact anybody throughout the Web. They index public data from social networks (like Twitter, FB, G+, LinkedIn) and other public sites. I searched for myself, because come one, who doesn’t? And nothing came up. Boo. But then just out of curiosity, I went to the companies section, and then clicked on US Army, and it listed a bunch of people, of course. So then I randomly clicked on someone’s name it popped up where he lived and what job he had within the military. So I thought that was really cool. And then I went back to the people search and just browsed some names. There are tons and tons of people in all countries, but of course the United States of America had the most. You can view people from a variety of different ways. By Location, Companies, Schools, Skills, Professions, and even Languages. This could be a great website if someone is doing their genealogy and wanted to look some things up. Granted, it is not as detailed as other places out there, but it may just help you find some information that you had not had before. Plus, isn’t it just fun to search for people and see what comes up? Search for an ex, search for friends, search about non-friends, ha ha! It is just fun!

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  1. I use too and its pretty cool :) I found my ex on it:D:D nice article btw.


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