Thursday, January 16, 2014

DynaMoo Milk

The Mobile Milk, DynaMoo shelf stable milk is the same milk as you'd find in the refrigerated section of your grocery store, but it is packaged perfectly for your on-the-go lifestyle! DynaMoo stays fresh without refrigeration naturally thanks to a combination of ultra-high temperature pasteurization and sterile packaging, With all the natural goodness of 100% milk, DynaMoo is the perfect fuel for quick recovery at halftime, lunchtime or after a workout. It energizes and rebuilds muscles with 8 grams of protein and rehydrates with natural fluids and electrolytes. DynaMoo is available in an 8 oz carton, 3-pack, and 18ct case in 1% low-fat chocolate, vanilla, and white milk.
We got to try the milk, and it is great! Callan loves it! He always asks for the Moo Milk! Hee hee.

Check it all out at DynaMoo on Facebook.

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