Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Dpcted Apparel

Depicted (adj. – past participle of depict) 1. To characterize in words; describe.

Drop the "e" - Drop the "i" - And what you’re left with is the version of a word that describes the unique demographic who are looking for an awesome line of apparel to rep their awesome style. Dpcted Apparel is the line of clothing (and beyond!) which does just that. Whether it's a beard growing a beard, a chubby cuddle buddy ready for action, or a pierced and tattooed maniac, Dpcted cheers on the bad ass individuals that occupy our realm. The very people who wear Dpcted also engage and contribute to the design process. Through their perception, Dpcted delivers a bold and direct style that provokes a reaction....preferably a Chubby Belly Laugh!
I love all the tees, and laughed when browsing through them. Ultimately I picked one that is totally me! Chubby, Inked, and Awesome! Yeah, baby!

Check it all out at Dpcted Apparel on Facebook, as well as Dpcted Apparel on Twitter.

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