Thursday, January 30, 2014

Choosing the Ultimate Unique Gift for That Special Person

Choosing the perfect gift isn’t always easy, especially if what your friend or loved one likes best is beyond your knowledge or understanding. How do you go about choosing the newest in high-tech gadgetry if you are content with a flip phone that doesn’t connect to the Internet? If your idea of high fashion is a plaid shirt and work jeans, what kind of education do you need to pick out the perfect pair of pumps for your shoe-loving girlfriend? Even worse, by what process do you choose gifts for those with whom you have only a casual relationship, such as work colleagues or employees? Fortunately, there are some shortcuts available in selecting lovely gifts that will be appreciated by the receivers. One-of-a-kind unique gifts found at such places as Mimis Muses and elsewhere in shops and online stores give you the opportunity to delight someone with your thoughtfulness and sincerity.

When in Real Doubt, Find Something Useful
People use stuff every day. You use dishes and clothing and vehicles and writing utensils. You use paper and furniture and the television and your smartphone. If you’re stuck for a gift idea, start brainstorming useful things the gift giver is likely to use. Is he always carrying a coffee mug around the office? Does she end up using old envelopes, receipts, and magazine subscription inserts as emergency bookmarks? Identifying some need for a useful item might seem like a cop-out gift-finding method, but if you don’t know the receiver that well, useful items satisfy both the need for a gift as well as something the receiver will likely be able to use. If the person for whom you are shopping keeps going on and on about how much they wish they had a certain widget or thingamabob, take note. That’s a good clue. Though it may seem impersonal, gift cards to favorite stores are usually very welcomed; now the receiver can buy whatever useful thing they like best!

Unique, Artistic, and Personalized Gifts
If you know the receiver on a more intimate basis but still have difficulty navigating the complex subject of their ultimate passion, you can almost never go wrong with something beautiful and unique. Beauty, of course, is relative, so you must also consider what a particular personality would find beautiful. Personalizing such a purchase, if it is possible, reflects the thought which has gone into its selection. Muse over shared memories, in-jokes, dreams, or plans you have with the receiver. Even utilitarian items can be personalized, and this is an especially clever idea if your purpose is to have the receiver think of you each time they pull out or use the gift. There are literally thousands of options available to you, as just about anything you can imagine is available from any place all over the world. Start by browsing sites such as Mimis Musings and others to get into the mindset of locating the gift that will make the receiver’s heart melt. Pretty soon, your creative juices will start flowing and something you see will spark the perfect idea. Your next problem will be to find the perfect wrapping, but that’s a subject for another time.

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