Wednesday, January 1, 2014

After Holidays Wish List - Part One

So now that the holidays are over, did you get everything on your wish list? Well, of course you probably didn't! I know I didn't, though my wish list is a bit extravagant. Ha! Here are some of the things on my ULTIMATE Wish List that I want!!! Check them out, and tell me some of yours:
  Chickadee Smoke Detector from Charles & Marie, and I don't think they even sell them anymore! Boo!
Boy Mom Tee from Boy Mom Designs! Great tees for moms to boys!
Slanted Writing Tablet from Skrov. You know it is easier to write sideways!
Decorator Fans from Blair Solutions! So cute and fun!
Spa Bath Planetarium. Um, enough said? From Japan Trends, Sega Toys.
Mean Girl Plates from Etsy! Ha! Love these! Here are some similar at Cabinet Pretty Things.

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