Tuesday, January 14, 2014

After Holidays Hangover

There is nothing worse than an after holiday “hangover.” I’m not just talking about all of the red wine you had while your in-laws were over, or the champagne you had on New Year’s Eve. There are tons of other reasons you could have a hangover, including:
·Eating too much food – we’re all guilty of it!
·Not getting enough nutrients
·Not drinking enough water
·Not getting enough sleep
·Holiday shopping stress
·Chasing the kids around – (cough, cough – mom!)

Luckily, Setria and Cognizin, especially when used together, can help even the busiest of people power through the season with a smile on their face. What is Setria and Cognizin? Good question.
Setria – Glutathione is the body's primary defense against free radicals. Unfortunately, the body's need for glutathione is sometimes outpaced by its ability to produce it. Setria is an antioxidant, used as a supplement, which promotes immune support, detoxification and antioxidant support.
Cognizin – Cognizin Citicoline helps keep your brain’s energy centers firing. A nutrient that is naturally found in the body, it provides vital nutrients that help the brain generate electrical impulses, care for healthy brain cells and protect neurons from free radical damage. It enhances focus and concentration. Cognizin is also pure, vegetarian and allergen-free.

Stay healthy this year, my friends!


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