Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Why Palm Beach Is A Fantastic Place To Live

I do not know about you, but when I retire, I am going to live in Palm Beach, Florida! It sure would beat these Minnesota winters! Brrr. Plus they have some amazing living centers for seniors in Palm Beach! A lot of places are a playground of ideas and energy, with dining pleasures and busy calendars, a daily reminder of the rewards that gracious living can bring. I used to work in a Retirement Community, but of course nowhere as nice and sunny as Florida! But the nice places are all a bit similar, I believe. They feature spacious private apartment homes - some offering up to 2,800 of luxurious square feet. Accommodations include weekly housekeeping, cable TV and other services and amenities that make life a pleasure. Generous hospitality is essential to gracious living. The people I worked for where always so appreciative of just the little things I did. Some of these wonderful senior living facilities have fitness centers, dining facilities, housekeeping, maintenance, concierge services, and even 24-hour nursing assistance care. It is too bad I am too young to retire, because ahhhh that would be the life, right?

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