Friday, December 27, 2013

The Most Fabulously Festive Cities from Around the World

December is the month when cities throughout the world reach their pinnacle of picturesque charm. Not only do the winter holidays bring out countless highlights of the cultures who celebrate them—from steaming mugs of traditional gl├╝hwein to the colorful annual holiday processions that sweep through town—but the Christmas season also seems to bring out an irresistible spirit of romance that visitors are sure to be swept up in. So rather than spending yet another predictable holiday season in the all too familiar wintertime landscape of home, why not give yourself a special gift you won’t soon forget this holiday season? Paying a visit to one of The Most Fabulously Festive Cities from Around the World this December is sure to fill your winter with countless unexpected holiday surprises. So to find out more about the ten charming cities that made our list, and to learn about the delightful holiday adventures waiting to be experienced in these amazing destinations, check out this great infographic. These top landmarks host iconic Christmas performances, are home to some of the most impressive seasonal decorations on the planet, and exuded a holiday joy that will make you feel like you’ve stepped out of the ordinary and into the living embodiment of a Christmas card.

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