Saturday, December 21, 2013


SoCoolKids has active-wear, and bath & body-care specifically designed to celebrate and reflect kids' natural beauty and individual interests.
We got to try some of the Glycerin Soap! We love soaps not just for the way they cleanse, but also for their scent and feel. Inspired by the transparent and luminous quality of watercolor, the everyday Watermelon, Orange, Mango and Banana scented glycerin soaps capture the experience of walking barefoot through these fruited orchards, the breeze sweeping clean our skin. Callan loves these soaps. He likes the colors, and the smells, and it is something cool just for him!
We also got some awesome tees for Callan! Love SoCoolKids!

Check it all out at SoCoolKids on Facebook, as well as SoCoolKids on Twitter.


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