Friday, December 6, 2013

Safari LTD Figurines - 2013 Gift Guide

Play is the essential joy of childhood. Through play children learn about themselves, their environment and the larger world. At Safari, they design toys that assist the joy of play. In a highly technical world, the most endangered species is the imagination. Perhaps we should spell that with a capital “I”. Without imagination, the individual loses the creative spark. Safari intends to never let that happen.
We got to try the toys toobs! So much fun! Ancient Egypt Toob - The Ancient Egypt Toob  from Safari Ltd is an awe-inspiring introduction to the figures of Egyptian lore. Safari Ltd Toobs are collections of individually hand painted miniature replicas featuring vibrant colors, fine, professional sculpting, and accurate detail. They are available in dozens of themes, and each set comes in a reusable acetate tube that snaps open and closed for easy storage. The tube also has a spinning globe on its cap. Toobs are perfect for educational projects, traveling, collecting, and imaginative play. The Ancient Egypt Toob contains twelve figures, including architectural wonders like the Pyramids and Sphinx, as well as mythical figures like Thoth and Anubis and famous Egyptian personalities like Tutankhamen and Nefertiti.
Feathered Dinos - As scientists learn more about Dinosaurs, they have discovered that some Dinosaurs even had feathers. Get a closer look with the Feathered Dinos Toobs. The Feathered Dinos Toob contains twelve figures: Psittacosaurus, Protoceratops, Pachycephalosaurus, Chasmosaurus, Apatosaurus, T-rex, Caudipteryx, Dilong, Beipiaosaurus, Microraptor, Velociraptor and Sinornithosaurus. Callan loves these toys, and has several other toobs from Safari as well! Great educational and fun toys!

Check it all out at Safari LTD on Facebook, as well as Safari LTD on Twitter.

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