Saturday, December 14, 2013

Music To My Nose

If music had a scent, what would it be? Lauren Loesner, 17 yr. old High School Film Student/Musician/Entrepreneur creates Music To My Nose, a Music inspired Perfume Company with a passion for giving back. Her idea was simple. She often wondered if music were to have a scent what would it be? Her quest began in search of musically inspired perfume that depicted the feeling and emotion of music and it simply did not exist in the marketplace. So, in typical “Lauren like fashion” she had the idea to create music inspired perfume herself. She brought this idea to her parents and together they thought the idea was fabulous! Lauren and her family quickly realized that creating perfume was much like creating a song or a musical score. Perfume is comprised of notes to achieve a certain scent starting with base, then middle and top notes. They all dove head first into the world of perfume and how it’s made, reading multiple books, researching online and countless hours creating and experimenting with homemade perfume.
I got Country Gold. “Music Genres” Signature Scents, Complex And Exotic Works Of Fragrant Art! Fruity/Fresh. Liner Notes: Top: Acai Berry, Summer Peaches, Heart: Honeysuckle, Fresh Cut Greens & Warm Oats, Base: Jasmine. It smells wonderful! I love it!


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