Monday, December 9, 2013

Jolly Bunny Kickstarter Campaign

Jolly Bunny is a new stylish slippers brand introduced in Ukraine in 2013. Using a soft, lightweight, warm and comfortable fabric called fleece, they combine wonderful colors with stylish design to make Jolly Bunny slippers to be loved by kids as well as adults. The aim is to combine fashion and comfort in slippers.

Nobody likes when their feet are cold. Winters in Ukraine can be extremely severe and keeping your feet warm has become a number one priority. Socks happened to be not warm enough. The only solution was slippers. But they are usually not as comfortable as socks, plus they are not funny at all. So they wanted to design slippers that people are not ashamed to wear. Slippers that make you smile every time you wear them; slippers that remind us a bit of our childhood and of those happy days when we were kids.

Even such a small piece of clothing as slippers can make you smile and feel awesome. The Bunny slippers will make you feel alive again! The product is made in Ukraine, but they are ready to deliver it to you wherever you live.
I got a pair of the black ones, so cute! Check out the Kickstarter campaign, and help them out! They are SO close to their goal, and only 14 days to go!

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