Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Gun Oil & Pink

At Gun Oil their mission is to offer men a line of high quality lubricants and sexual wellness products that turbo charge their sexual life and promote elevated sexual enjoyment and health.
Pink Intimate Lubricants and sensual wellness products embrace the essence of what is female. Sexy, confident, playful, loving, unique. Each exclusive product is carefully created to ensure each and every intimate experience is the most pleasurable and fulfilling it can be. At Pink they realize every woman is unique. For all these reasons, Pink lubricants, body care and sexual supplements are carefully crafted to enhance or replace natural moisture, improve your sexual desire, and bring out the very essence of you. Always safe, gentle, long-lasting, and worry free, so every private and partnered encounter is your ultimate pleasure.
Some great products from both lines we were able to try were:
Gun Oil Silicone
Pink Silicone
Pink Water

Some of the best personal lubricants we have ever used!

Check it all out at Gun Oil on Facebook, as well as Gun Oil on Twitter, and Pink on Facebook, as well as Pink on Twitter.

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