Thursday, December 19, 2013

FireFly Toothbrushes

Dr. Fresh is the creator of the FireFly toothbrush, the number one selling kids’ toothbrush in the country. FireFly products are always built on an ongoing dialogue with kids and families, and that is why they pride themselves on being an “idea factory,” not just a manufacturer of oral care products.

We got the new Angry Birds and Spider Man light-up Ready, Go, Brush brushes! Callan loves them! Fun, flashing traffic signal design encourages children to brush for the recommended 2 minutes which help to form healthy brushing habits. Themed Firefly flashing sculpted handled toothbrush with soft bristles and a suction cup bottom. Flashes for 60 seconds and turns off automatically signaling children to stop brushing the top row of teeth and begin brushing the bottom row. Batteries included, last the life of the toothbrush and cannot be replaced.


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