Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Ebates & American Teens & Christmas Wish Lists!

According to an Ebates.com survey of 500 American teens, social media is replacing a hand-written letter to Santa this year, with 26% saying they are completing their wish lists online. Facebook leads the pack at 10%, followed by Twitter (3%) and Tumblr (2%). Don’t know where or how to start looking? Thanks to the following tips from Allison Jones, Ebates.com’s shopping and social media expert, it’s easier than ever to do a little detective work and use social media to your advantage this holiday season.

·Facebook - Finding out what your child likes, may be as easy as searching for who they "like" on Facebook. Similar to adults, teens follow their favorite brands for style tips, trends, and yes, even savings. The best part? Following these stores keeps you up to date on the latest deals, meaning that gift could become a whole lot cheaper.

·Pinterest - The virtual equivalent of an inspiration board, Pinterest is a visually appealing and addicting site that allows users to create different boards, and draw inspiration from the web. Try not to zone in on any particular item, but rather look for patterns, like a store that your child has pinned, or a color that is popular. If your daughter's boards are filled with teal, perhaps a teal colored scarf would make a nice gift.

·Cash Back Sites - Already following your child's shopping gift lists? Here’s one more tip that needs mentioning, only this one isn't about your teen. It's about you and your January credit card statement. Before you pull the trigger on that "Can't live without it" gift, go through Ebates.com. What is Ebates? It's a cash back shopping site that pays shoppers a percentage of every purchase they made online. Yes, you read that right. Every. Purchase. Getting a kick back will help come January, when the credit company comes a knocking, and your teen is nowhere to be found.

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