Friday, November 15, 2013

Talking Tom - All New App

Fans can now interact with Talking Tom like never before. Feed him, play with him and nurture him as he grows from a cute kitten to a fully-grown cat. Every My Talking Tom is personal to each player: they can decorate his home, selecting creative and crazy furniture or d├ęcor. Then choose from a myriad of different furs for their Tom - from an alien to a zombie and Siamese to a leopard - fans can dress him up to become their very own cat, and even add glasses and hats to match.
My Talking Tom inspires constant love and attention. The unique Tom characteristics, loved by fans globally, remain in My Talking Tom and are more fun than ever before. Talk and he will still talk back, poke, stroke and tickle him till he purrs and falls down, then tap his feet and watch him hop around. Fans are rewarded as they play and help Tom grow through his nine life stages including baby, toddler, tween and adult, unlocking new items and coins as they go.

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