Thursday, November 7, 2013

Skillshare Classes - A Great Way To Learn

Skillshare is a global community where you can learn real-world skills from incredible teachers. Learn real-world skills from anyone, anywhere. Skillshare powers thousands of creative, collaborative classes on everything from programming to design to crafts. Pretty much anything you can think of! I was very interested in the Fashion and Style programs. So many different things to choose from, from clothing fashion, to interior design, to drawing and painting fashion! You can enroll in a class for as little as $15, sometimes even less! Some of the fashion and style classes that caught my eye were these: 
Designing Effective T-Shirt Designs - Whether you are starting your own clothing brand or you have always wanted to design a shirt for your favorite clothing company, this is your chance to design a shirt for that dream client of yours! You will learn to define your brand of choice (or your own brand) through research and sketching and create a design that represents it using typography and illustration, and then get it all ready to print!

Fashion Lookbooks: Showcasing Your Brand - Fashion lookbooks are vital for clothing designers to showcase their new creations on a seasonal basis. This group of images (the lookbook) displays the fit and material composition of styles as well as the story of the collection, which are essential elements for retail buyers and consumers alike.
Fashion Photography: Capture The Look - This class is designed for anyone who wants to explore fashion photography as a profession or a hobby, as well as anyone with a fashion line wanting to capture their work. You will learn tactics for finding inspiration for your photos' style and a shoot concept. Where and what to look for in sourcing a model. Scouting and exploring the right location for your shoot. Different lighting options and how to find the right one for your shot. Tips on how to achieve the posing and movement with your model. Various framing techniques to consider. Overview of the editing process and what your deliverables to a client would be. 
Some great classes, right? And like I said, it is not just fashion and style classes. There are classes is a wide range of topics such as Advertising, Business, Design, Film and Video, Food and Drink, Music, Photography, Technology, and Writing and Publishing. 
Do you have special skills and knowledge on any of those topics? Because you could teach on Skillshare too! Anyone can teach! However, all classes are reviewed before they are approved, therefore there is no “junk” on Skillshare. Creating a class on Skillshare is more than free. You can earn money for your knowledge and teaching skills. You get 70% of your class revenue. That is pretty great! There are many easy, low-cost tools to create your own Skillshare class. At a minimum, you will need equipment to record video and audio for your video lessons, so basically a webcam or something where you can record your lessons and upload them. Easy, really!

So check it all out at Skillshare on Facebook, as well as Skillshare on Twitter!

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