Monday, November 11, 2013

How Buying Books Wholesale Will Improve Childhood Reading Comprehension

How Buying Books Wholesale Will Improve Childhood Reading Comprehension

Experts have indicated through studies and research the important role that reading plays in a child’s cognitive development. The process begins at birth, as parents are strongly encouraged to read to their children as frequently as possible, even if they are not yet able to follow along. As development progresses, a child’s ability to read and comprehend are strongly tied to their ability to learn and apply new concepts. For parents and teachers, buying books wholesale can greatly accelerate a child’s development and help cement a child’s love of learning at an early age. For teachers, investing in a classic by buying copies of the Goodnight Moon paperback in bulk may help to inspire students to focus on their reading comprehension. Parents can also benefit from buying books in bulk, but perhaps choosing to invest in a variety of different titles is best, thereby creating a children’s library in their home.

Importance of Reading to a Child’s Development
Reading is incredibly important to a child’s development. Once children reach the point in development where they are able to understand the words and concepts in a piece of literature, they also become interested in applying the concepts they learn and experience to the world around them. This plays an important role in the development of higher literacy, wherein children begin to think beyond the simple comprehension of vocabulary, and instead focus on the author’s message that is imbedded within the narrative. This ability begins, of course, in early childhood as the building blocks of learning build off one another. Making a variety of books available to children will help to ensure positive cognitive development.

Methods to Improve Comprehension
Aside from simply making a wealth of books available to children, there are a number of methods that can be employed to aid in the improvement of reading comprehension:
• Predicting
• Summarizing
• Reviewing
• Describing
• Organizing graphically

These simple methods can be used with any age group to help improve reading comprehension. Having children predict what the story will be about based on the title, its cover art or subheadings will help to make them focus their attention on the reading itself, and look for confirmation or denial of their prediction. Summarizing helps children focus on the main idea of a story, boiling it down to its most basic concepts. Reviewing allows children to focus on thoughtfully considering the story as a whole, while also seeking to analyze its content. Describing the story to a friend, also known as re-telling, forces the child to focus on recalling the events of the story and organizing their thoughts coherently so that the friend will understand. Finally, graphic organizers can be helpful to visual learners, and may aid in assisting children understand the story’s structure.

It is of vital importance to establish a child’s love of learning at an early age. In making a variety of books available to them, children are more likely to develop at a normal, or faster than normal rate. Reading comprehension is an important developmental building block, which can be used to strengthen a child’s ability to understand concepts beyond just literature, but also in the world at large.

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