Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Hello Santa App

There is a new app available this holiday season called Hello Santa. The service is available now, and will be live all holiday season long! It's called Hello Santa, and this year people around the world will be able to have real-time videos calls with Santa Claus from their webcams or iOS devices. Through the magic of modern technology, and a lot of hard work by the Elves at the North Pole, children from around the world can have a real, live video call with Santa.

You can use promo code: JOLLY to get $5 off for your first call.  
Users can either schedule a call for a specific date and time, or tap the ‘Call Santa Now’ button to start a live video call with Santa instantly. Once the call is over, you can share your special moment with friends and family on Facebook & Twitter, or over email and SMS. This is something really cool and special for the kiddos! Even for the older ones of us who still believe! What fun! Magical! Check it all out in the app store now! Happy Holidays! Ho ho ho! *wink*

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