Sunday, November 10, 2013

Clean Undie Club

Welcome to the Clean Undie Club. They are dedicated to ridding your drawers of old, ratty underwear and filling it with quality boxers and briefs that are sure to impress any and all interested parties. The founders of the Clean Undie Club know how grueling and annoying underwear shopping can be, so they have made it easy and carefree. For a low fee you will get a new pair of top-quality boxers or briefs (whatever your preference) delivered directly to your door every month. Soon you will have an impressive collection of underwear, fit for the dashing specimen of a man you are! The best part about being a member of the Clean Undie Club is the fact that you will never have to think about buying underwear again! Once you join the club, underwear will begin showing up at your door like magic! It’s easy. It’s affordable. It’s automatic. What could be better?
Jason was sent a pair of boxer briefs. Ahhh the boxer brief....easily the most underrated part of a man's garb. The same support as a traditional brief, with extra length for you extra manly men out there. And since they show up automatically, you can literally sit around in your underwear while they drop them at your door! Jason really likes these. He says they are majorly comfy! And his butt looks cute in them! (I said that, not him! Hee hee.)


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