Friday, November 1, 2013


At they help small and medium publishers (including bloggers, that’s you and me!) to better reach and target their mobile audience by packaging their existing content into beautiful HTML5 mobile applications.

Just imagine how you can suddenly combine content from your blog with a hashtag search on Twitter. Just like that (snaps fingers!) you can include it all in your mobile web app and keep your readers up-to-date wherever they are. Appticles offers you the possibility to sync all your content into your mobile web application just by adding simple RSS feeds.

All it takes for a mobile web application to run is a modern mobile browser thus allowing your readers to instantly have access to your content, without needing to go through an app store, and download and install the app. Appticles currently supports: iOS (iPhones, iPads), Android (smartphones, tablets).

Allow your readers to easily share your mobile web application through their favorite social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.). Just imagine how their friends and followers can just tap on that link and immediately have access to the application, without needing to install anything. That’s priceless! And totally cool. I created my app in seconds!

Check it all out at Webcrumbz on Facebook, as well as Webcrumbz on Twitter.

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