Wednesday, November 13, 2013

A Workaholics Bear Coat and Other Gift Ideas

The snow is starting to fall as another holiday season approaches. The Halloween candy will soon be gone and carols filled with holiday cheer will fill the airwaves. The presents and gift giving can be stressful if you don’t have the right mindset. The true purpose of the holidays is to bring people closer together. Relationships are much more important than any gift. Spending time with family and friends will bring more joy than any amount of stuff. Giving and receiving gifts from friends and family should be all about the experience. Many people in our society already have everything they need. This is what makes it possible to give trendy and wacky gifts. Life is all about creating memories. Giving and receiving gifts can often become a fond memory.

Funny Coat from a Hilarious Show
Workaholics is a sitcom that focuses on a small group of friends. In one particular episode, a member of the group buys a rather interesting coat. The furry sleeves end in rigid claws while a bear’s head without the lower jaw serves as a hood. This television show has made the Workaholics bear coat a sort of cult following. It could be a great gift for anyone who is into strange and fashionable clothing. This coat isn’t made from an actual bear, so don’t worry about harming any animals.

Match Your Gift to Their Personality
Trendy and wacky gifts should always match the receiver’s personality. A Workaholics bear coat is a great option for many types of people. However, an uptight little sister might not appreciate the humor of a whoopee cushion quite as much as your eight year old nephew. If you truly know your friends and family well, it should be no problem finding a gift. Jewelry can be a great choice and it doesn’t even have to be expensive. Jewelry fashioned from recycled materials is becoming popular. You may even be able to find a local artist to help fashion a painting for your gift. Whatever gifts you choose to give, remember what is truly important. The experiences you share with family and friends this holiday season will set you on the right path for the New Year.

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