Wednesday, October 30, 2013

What Consumers Should Know when Buying Silk Screen Shirts

Silk screen printing is a unique image transfer process. The artist or manufacturer stretches a mesh cloth over a wooden frame. The design is then printed onto the screen or affixed by stencil. Ink is added to the inside of the screen and pulled over the image area with a squeegee. There are different techniques, and the process can be used on a wide variety of materials, including materials used for making t-shirts. If you want to buy a top with a brilliant, dynamic image, consider the following shopping tips.

Find a Reputable Merchant
Although this process has been around in the United States since the 20th century, not every online clothing company offers products that are enhanced through silk screening. You may have to complete a targeted search to find dealers and printing companies. Check the reputation of the candidates you found. Make sure that they have excellent consumer reviews and testimonials. You can also check recent Twitter feeds for comments on products and services.

Know Your Size
Do not ruin your custom-made shirt because it is the wrong size. If the top is too small, you can give it away as a gift. Starting your order over would double the original cost though. Garments that are too big do not look right. The effect will not be the same, and your friends will not be impressed.

The Right Shirt Type
V-neck or round? Long or short sleeves? These are some of the features that you have to determine even before selecting your artwork. Think long and hard about the color. Only when the background is right will your image come to life.

Find an Attractive Image
A first-class printing company allows customers to submit their own images. They can also design a picture for you for a small, affordable fee. You should be able to edit existing artwork and add text. If you are undecided, a knowledgeable staff member should give you excellent advice, and not just in regard to decorative pictures.

Competitive Fees
Price is a big factor when you want personalized clothing. Companies specializing in silk screen printing should offer discounts for bulk orders. Be aware that if you want your shirt in an hour instead of waiting a week, it will cost you more. That is usually the case for rush orders and services, no matter what you buy. 

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