Tuesday, October 29, 2013


PrintedArt is a collection of fine art photography. Every piece in the collection is sold as finished artwork mounted on aluminum dibond and optionally finished with acrylic for a modern display without the need for framing. PrintedArt also accepts print orders from customers who submit their own material and would like to get it finished on the same gallery-grade material as the PrintedArt collection.
Here is the photo I chose, and what the photographer says about it:
I had the afternoon available for photography in Iowa’s Loess (pronounced “luss”) Hills above the Missouri River. These hills are a 200-mile-long string of glacial dust that was deposited by strong winds during our glacial periods when planet Earth was much cooler. The afternoon was gloomy, with rolling thunder going on and on and on for about an hour - really! Eventually a brief rainstorm swept through, but afterward I was able to create some good photography. The light was far too dull for color photography, or even traditional black-and-white, so I turned to an old favorite - infrared photography. Infrared photography doesn’t record the light spectrum visible to our eyes. Instead, it transforms a scene, with leafy greens recording as ethereal shades of white and light gray. Even the focus point for the camera is much different than for visible light. In this photograph the mighty Bur Oak (Quercus macrocarpa) towers over a dark gate. A two-track road leads down the hill behind, into the mystic forest. Location: Preparation Canyon State Park in the Loess Hills of western Iowa, USA. 

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