Monday, October 7, 2013

No Boy Left Behind

Boys and girls have always fought for superiority. However, it seems that the scales may be tipped from a very early age. has created an infographic entitled “No Boy Left Behind”, detailing how our education system is failing our young men, and what we can do about it. For every 100 girls born, there are 5 males are born. For every 100 girls that repeat kindergarten, 194 males repeat. These numbers become staggering as they age. For every 100 girls who are suspended from public schools, 215 males are suspended. By the time those 100 girls graduate with a masters degree, only 66 males will achieve the same success. It’s very apparent that our education system is failing our young men. 76% of teachers are female, while 24% are male. This may make connecting difficult for male students who solely interact with female teachers. There is hope, however. While IQ scores favor females during the younger years, by age 16 a male will have an average IQ of 100.8, while a woman has an average score of 99.2. Schools are beginning to pick up on this educational lacking, and are encourage teachers to adapt their curriculum to help our younger males succeed. By changing lesson structure to include lessons that result in an end product, such as a booklet, comic strip or a model, structure lessons as competitive games, or even craft lessons that focus on independent discovery and realization, we may find a new generation of males exceeding educational expectations. Feel free to like, share, and comment on this infographic “No Boy Left Behind”, brought to you by

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