Thursday, October 31, 2013

Holiday Accommodation For The Mid-Range Budget

So you’ve selected where you want to go for a vacation and you’ve decided that you don’t want to go on a package holiday? The question still remains however: what sort of accommodation would you like to stay in? Of course, nowadays there’s such a lot of choice, that some hotels can be as cheap as a hostel, and some B & Bs can be as luxurious as a 5-star resort.

So how do you choose from the this mid-range section of accommodation – say from $60 to $100 dollars a night? Whether it’s a European vacation you’re going on, a break in one of our states or even going further afield such as to Asia, you’ll probably be thinking about staying in a guesthouse, B & B, hostel or mid-price hotel.

With so many great online hotel coupons available these days, you might want to just play it safe and stick with a brand that you know. Certainly, if you’re a frequent traveler, you may be able to claim – or negotiate! – a discount at chain hotels. And if you just want holiday accommodation where you know exactly what to expect, searching for hotel offers might be the best option.

In my experience, B & B’s and, on the European continent, ‘pensions’ can offer a much more intimate, warm and friendly vacationing experience than some larger hotels. Often family-run and certainly willing to provide a bespoke service, smaller guesthouses make for the ideal base for sleeping and eating and they will often help you with local travel and sightseeing advice – the little touches that can make a vacation stand out.

Hostels are usually the cheapest option you can get, but this may not be ideal if you’re travelling with kids. However, top-end hostels can often rival their cousins in the comfort and cleanliness stakes so if it’s just an overnight stop on a road trip abroad, you may want to check local hostels for family rooms.

Of course, it often comes down to what your particular travel requirements are on any trip. And don’t forget, if you’re happy to dispense with the catered options, you can save a lot of expenses by renting an apartment or holiday home. Particularly in places like the UK, you can get charming and remote cottages in real beauty spots like the Scottish Highlands, which charge by the week and give you much more of a budget for day trips!

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