Thursday, October 24, 2013

Fresh, Clean, and Cute Panties!

"If you're looking for cute undies that keep you feeling so fresh and so clean, these will do the job." That's what Natasha Burton from Cosmo wrote today about Knixwear! And she is right! These underwear have saved my life! They are sexy yet functional, cute yet comfortable! I love love love mine and wear them all the time. I can bet you would love them too! Get 10% off your order today using code: knixpert01. How awesome is that?

Also, if you join Club Knixy you will get access to a monthly coupon code (which is usually up to 25% off!). Want a chance to score free panties? Then enter the giveaway over at Menopause Chicks! Ends October 31st, so hurry! Good luck!

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