Tuesday, October 22, 2013

DVD Booklet

DVD Booklet
The contents of a DVD booklet depend very much on the media product that it is designed to accompany. A unique design is an excellent way of grabbing the attention of viewers and making the DVD stand out against any competitive products. There are several components that should be regarded as standard requirements.

Title Page
While it is not necessary to replicate the exterior front cover of the DVD case this is common practice and, in addition to the fact that it reduces the amount of desktop publication required, producing the booklet in this way will give it a good professional appearance. As the name suggests this usually contains the title of the product and generally features some of the most striking artwork, or screen grabs, from the DVD. It is possible to remove some elements that may be required on the disc box cover such as media format and certification rating. This will free up some print space and allow the reader a clearer view of the overall image. Some adjustments may also be needed to accommodate the slightly smaller print surface area on the booklet cover.

Contents Page
The DVD booklet can also be used as very handy reference guide for the disc contents. Many discs will provide a scene by scene menu on the movie home screen with information limited to the scene title. In some cases they are simply referred to by number. A comprehensive contents list, with plenty of information and guidance about all of the key sections of the disc, is a very useful provision.

Additional Details
Once the two main areas of cover and contents are complete there are a wide range of extra elements that can be included in a variety of formats. The space available inside a DVD box will allow for a substantial amount of copy in the booklet. The paper format can be completed as a two or three-way folded sheet. Higher numbers of pages can be combined as stapled book. The range of details that are necessary for the book will define the level of content and booklet type.

As with the front cover some of the information from the exterior cover of the case may be used in the booklet. The blurb that provides a relatively brief over view of disc can be used again. It is best practice not to repeat it exactly, but to elaborate on the information that it contains. The space available will allow for a considerable amount of extra information. The booklet provides the opportunity to give the reader an insight into the production aspects of the disc, or to develop some of the themes that are raised. An editorial may be included to provide a very specific commentary to support the issue that is central to the DVD itself.

As well as information about the DVD that the booklet accompanies this print product also contains some valuable promotional space. This can be used to advertise future titles in the DVD’s range, or some completely alternative products. 

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