Saturday, October 5, 2013

Deck Of Awesome For Boys *Giveaway*

The Awesome Deck of Awesome is a fun way to motivate and encourage positive behavior! Perfect for kids (of all ages)! Each card is uniquely designed and ideal for collecting, trading, or display.

We got the deck for boys! Your kids are Awesome! The Awesome Deck of Awesome (ADoA) is a positive reinforcement tool for children of all ages. It's a fun way to bring awesome into a child's life and teach them valuable lessons about planning, earning, and saving without resorting to sweets or money. Use the ADoA as currency in your family economy, where values can be set by you together with your children. The cards have built in value in terms of collectability and tradeability, but they can also be traded in for occasional bigger rewards from you. We didn't set out to make standard set of rules for you to follow (you know your family dynamic better than we do!) but we did try to create an awesome, flexible tool which you can work into your own style of parenting. Each card is unique and has an awesome message to reinforce positive behavior and motivate kids. The 35 boy-themed cards come with a pamphlet with suggested uses, tips, and tricks, and an awesome Credo for you as a parent or child-worker, to keep as a reminder of the power of awesome! These are really cool, and you can use them as a great tool, even as young as 5. Callan caught on right away and we love the cards!


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