Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Chris And Jane's Place Zombie Gnomes

Chris and Jane are two artists who paint Zombie Gnomes! Yup, that's right! Zombie Gnomes!
We got Mayfield, and we just love her! This is Mayfield and her son Shemp. She and her son were separated from Wyrick at the beginning of the Zombie Gnomes Apocalypse when Wyrick went on a trip to visit a friend. Mayfield and Shemp fled the home when they were attacked by a hoard of Zombie Gnomes and have been on the run since. They have been desperately trying to find Wyrick, hoping and praying that he hadn't turned into one of the infected. Mayfield carries a blunderbuss while Shemp carries his trusty pop gun and just in case, Mayfield also carries her rolling pin. Together they give 360 degrees of firepower. Love it!


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