Monday, October 28, 2013

Adirondack Summer Camps

Did you ever go to Summer Camp as a kid? I was never able to go, but I wanted to so bad! I would love hearing other kid’s stories of their time at camp. They got to do a ton of activities and meet other kids from sometimes all over the place, who become new and lasting friends forever. And the campers got to have traditional outdoor experiences that they would never forget. Summer Camp is not like camping out with family in the woods. It is much different, and a wonderful experience for kids.

I think the most fun camps would be the Adirondack camps. The Adirondack Mountains are located in Upstate New York. Unlike other mountain ranges that run along fault lines, the Adirondack Mountains resemble a dome instead of peaks. They were formed by a recent uplift that has exposed previously deeply buried and ancient rocks that are more than a billion years old. These same rocks can be found in the Laurentian Mountains of Quebec, Canada, and the Adirondacks can be considered the southernmost expression of that range.

If Callan ever expresses an interest in going to summer camp, then I might consider a camp that is in the Adirondack’s. It would be an awesome experience for him. Did you, or your kids, ever go to summer camp? 

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