Friday, September 27, 2013

Storyteller Engraving

There are millions of stories happening every day around the world, but only the ones that are specially created and captured can be passed on and remembered. Storyteller Engraving is a group of wine enthusiasts that believe every special moment in life goes with a great bottle of wine. Therefore, they engrave stories onto wine bottles. They help customers create and capture their meaningful moments in life, so those can be kept, treasured, and shared. They engrave fine art quality text, symbols, pictures, or drawings on selected wine bottles. Each bottle engraving is uniquely customized and designed that holds a special memory, or can help create special surprises and stories. 
I am blown away at how amazing our bottle turned out! So gorgeous! First they sent me the proof, and that was awesome, but then the bottle came, and I am astonished! I love it so much! Perfect for mine and Jason's 10th Wedding Anniversary! Love it! I am adding this to my 2013 Holiday Gift Guide (I know it is early), because this would be an awesome gift!


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