Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Reasons to Use Natural Skin Care Products

You probably have heard at some point that women used to get lead poisoning and obtain facial deformities due to the makeup they used. The price of beauty seems to have always been high, and things haven’t changed much. Following is a little more about ingredients you should be wary of and why you should use natural skin care products.

Skin Absorption
If you think about it, the nicotine patch is used by smokers as a method of quitting, and how does it work? Nicotine is absorbed into the skin. So why wouldn’t you consider this when you use body wash and lotion? The things you use regularly get absorbed into your skin. With the things that have been provided by nature, like essential oils, extracts, and flower waters, it seems unnecessary to purchase man-made, synthetic chemicals to stay beautiful and healthy. The skin and body are exposed to many different things in the air, but also in the shower or bath. Being conscious of what you are exposed to is certainly important.

Ingredients to Avoid
One thing to avoid in your skin care products is paraben. It shows up on labels as methylparaben, propylparaben, ilsoparaben, and butylparaben. It has been shown to affect estrogen levels, which has a direct effect on the likelihood of obtaining breast cancer. Phthalates are another ingredient to watch for, as they are potentially carcinogenic and have led to allergic reactions in many people. You should also be wary of cosmetic fragrances, petrochemicals, and sodium lauryl (or laureth) sulfate, among other harmful ingredients.

Go Natural
You have probably heard recently about the hydrating capabilities of coconut. Finding body washes and lotions containing coconut extract are supposed to help with moisturizing and hydrating. Coconut oil can hydrate your hair via its fatty acids, helping to prevent frizz. It can reinforce your skin’s natural lipid barrier, preventing wrinkles, and it can remove makeup. Besides coconut and coconut oil, there are many other natural skin care products that contain ingredients provided by nature that offer major benefits to your appearance and health. Consider buying products with jojoba oil, primrose, and fruit enzymes, among others.

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