Thursday, September 26, 2013

Moms With Toddlers

Whether you are enduring the terrible twos or the tantrum threes, toddlers are a lot of work. When your kids are infants you want so badly for them to walk but then as soon as they do your praying they would just sit still again.  Don’t get me wrong these are precious years of fun, exploring, learning, and developing. These are the years where you can really shape who your child is going to grow up to be. As wonderful and amazing as it is, it is still really tough. Here are a few tips to help moms with toddlers.

If you have a toddler you know that all they eat are snacks. 85% of their diet consists of cheerios, crackers, cookies, small fruits, and other sugary things. Tiny people love tiny food. At this age toddlers seem to never get full. They just want more, more, and more. As a parents I know you want to watch their food consumption so that they do not become over weight but there are a few things you can do to meet your child’s constant demands for more and still keep them healthy. Just like adults who are weight conscious don’t eat certain foods and always look at the nutritional value, do they same things for your kids. Know exactly what your kids are eating so when they ask for more you are not worried about the amount of sugar, salt, or fats that are going into their bodies.

2.Play Dates
If you are a stay at home or mostly at home mom then you know that being in the house all day with a toddler can drive anyone crazy. We love our toddler’s infectious laughs and loud imaginations but its no lie that there does come a time when you want some silence. When your children first start to talk conversation is pretty hilarious but we all know that adult conversation is needed from time to time. To help solve these problems join a playgroup. Get a couple of moms together that have children around the same age as yours and meet once a week at someone’s house where all the kids can play and the grownups can talk. It would also be really cool if you could work out a schedule where the moms took turn just dropping their kids off and having some alone time once or twice a month. This could be greatly needed.

3. Security System
Toddlers are mobile, smart, and mischievous. Their sense of adventure is exciting but terrifying at the same time. A toddler will wonder right out the front door with no hesitation just to see what’s outside.  If you have a toddler you should look into investing in a top of the line home security system. I found a company called Smith Monitoring that offers some of the absolute best features. Smith Security will install sensors on your doors; anytime a door is opened a small buzzer will go off and alert you of what door was opened. This way if your toddler sneaks out of your sight and plans an escape you can bust in and stop the attempt.

About The Author: Katie Melendez is a writer for Smith Monitoring. Katie is also a wife, youth mentor, and a health nut. Follow her blogs for all current trends on home, health, and family.

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