Friday, September 13, 2013

A week in the life of.....The Author Of The Princess Diana Conspiracy

New York Post until 1.00am Sunday morning with long phone calls; trip to London on Monday for ABC TV and Good Morning America then CBS TV PM, and a plane home. On Tuesday there was a request from NBC to return to London for an interview with them but too knackered; finally agreed to return on Wednesday when I had an interview with the Daily Star A.M. and then NBC P.M.; home. Saturday requested return to London for live TV show with Geraldo in New York at 10.45 their time, so 3.45am London time, and surprise guest Imogen Lloyd Webber who is later described to me as an apologist for the monarchy. Imogen went to Girton, Cambridge from where most of our MI6 officers emerge; I later find her subject was history, specializing in the role of intelligence agencies in international relations. Imogen lives in New York and was in the studio during our discussion so I had MI6 waiting for me; surprise, surprise. Slightly lighter week followed, although we had more press coverage including front page of the Sunday Express but now I return to London next week for two more Radio shows (US) and a meeting with Mohamed al Fayed. The US is paying far more attention to the evidence that has emerged because they are a democracy and not everything defers to a monarchy; they are more interested in the people’s justice. I believe much of the British media is hoping it will all blow over; not this time. I don’t wish to give the impression that all this is too much pressure because I am feeling exhilarated and vindicated for years and thousands of hours of dedication, not just to Diana but to the people’s justice. We must not permit this evil to continue where we are fooled into thinking that we are living in a democracy. You won’t need much persuasion following on behind the murder of thousands of women and children being blown to smithereens in Iraq when the majority of the people said no, both here and in the US. Well done Parliament over Syria. It may be necessary to persuade to come to the table and this could well be what Barrack Obama is trying to do since he needs the approval for the use of force before he will have the necessary bargaining chip, so all is not lost there; strangely, I trust the man.

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