Sunday, September 29, 2013

A Guide to Finding Your Ideal Testosterone Levels

Both men and women produce and use testosterone naturally. The amounts they use, however, vary dramatically. Testosterone is mainly thought of as a "male" hormone because it is produced in the testicles. Women produce it as well, in the ovaries and the adrenal glands, only in much smaller amounts. The amount of testosterone each person needs will depend greatly on how much their body produces on its own, the type of activities they choose to participate in and their overall state of health.
Managing your testosterone levels may require an estrogen blocker or a testosterone booster, or maybe even bio identical hormone replacement therapy. These are the options that you may need to research once you discover your ideal testosterone levels. What you need to know is that there are basically three ways to improve testosterone levels if they are low. First, you can lose some weight. being overweight or obese causes a lack of usage of free testosterone levels. Second, you can decrease your stress levels. Stress causes a build up of cortisol which causes you to store belly fat and have adrenal fatigue. Third, and finally, you can take supplements to help get you one your way. Boosting vitamin D and zinc are a great place to start but there are also a lot of over-the-counter testosterone boosters as well. Adaptogens are popular ingredients and act as natural testosterone boosters, these ingredients can be found in TestRush from VH Nutrition, ase well as other products. You can read reviews and order TestRush here.
Testosterone is a hormone and it acts as a catalyst for many functions in the body. It can affect sex drive, hair growth, muscle growth and bone strength. Women need much smaller amounts than men to achieve hormonal balance and maintain good health. Women athletes or those who are used to strenuous work that entails heavy lifting and high levels of endurance will often produce more testosterone to maintain the delicate hormonal balance within the body. Women who live a more sedentary lifestyle will produce only what is needed by the body to function.
Men, on the other hand, will often boost their testosterone level to increase muscle mass and improve strength and physical capabilities. Weightlifters and body builders will supplement their testosterone levels to ensure their bodies have enough to produce extra muscle mass. The amount of testosterone that add will be comparable to the amount of muscle mass they wish to produce. If it is their goal to look like Derek Jeeter, a slight increase would be called for. If they want to look like the next superstar of the WWE, then larger doses will be called for.
Men who have a hormonal imbalance due to testicular cancer or other reproductive issues my increase testosterone supplementation to achieve a healthy balance. When a man suffers from an illness such as testicular cancer of an endocrine disorder, supplementing synthetic hormones may be their only option to regaining and maintaining the synergistic balance they need to stay healthy and in good shape.
The basic rule of thumb when trying to determine how much testosterone a person needs is fairly simple. Normal lifestyle activities and exercising three, or even four, times a week will not call for a boost of testosterone. The body will manufacture what it needs according to the nature of a person's activity and how well their body functions. If a person chooses to push past the normal boundaries, they may decide to supplement their efforts by using a supplement that increases muscles mass and helps to improve strength.
A personal trainer will be able to provide sound advice as to how much testosterone must be added to achieve a person's specific goals. It will also prevent an athlete from consuming too many supplements and endangering their health. For men with health issues and stress that affect how the body produces testosterone, working directly with a physician will be the solution that is in their best interest to pursue.
Researching a person's body type, their activity level and their expectations is the best way to create a guide for finding their perfect testosterone level. Every person is different as to how their body functions and what it is capable of metabolizing in a healthy manner. A person must understand how their body works and how supplements will affect them before they make the decision to supplement.

Gary B. Rubio of Northampton, PA is a financial advisor and a personal fitness trainer.

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