Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Fantasy Box - August

Want to spice up your love life? Try The Fantasy Box! Every Fantasy Box will contain products directly related to the fantasy you're going to be playing out. The products are high-quality, full-sized, carefully selected, and vetted. They will include everything from lingerie and toys, to novelties and everyday items you may have never expected. They track what items you have received and will often draw on them in subsequent fantasies. The fantasies are designed to explore various types of play and will range from the romantic and playful, to costumes and role playing, through more advanced elements of bondage. It's important to remember that they start all couples out in the same way, regardless of when you sign up. This means that not everyone gets the same box in the same month - it all depends on where you are in the progression.
I received the first box, which is the Leader & Follower box. It came with a toy and some pretty lingerie! And directions to play the game! There are different instructions for The Leader and for The Follower. It is all very exciting and fun!

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