Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Essential Curly Hair Products

Many people with straight hair covet the curly hair of others, but for those who have curly hair, they know it is not always all it’s cracked up to be. Styling curling hair can actually be quite a nightmare because of the frizz that usually comes with curly hair. However, there is a way to eliminate the frizz that loves to crowd curly hair. If you use the right products for curly hair, then you can greatly reduce the frizz in your hair. Here are a few must-have curly hair products that can help you style your curly hair and eliminate all the frizz.

Drying Your Curly Hair
First, there are some products specifically created to help you dry your curly hair while eliminating frizz. One very important product is a defuser. A defuser is an attachment to a blow dryer that is essential for blow drying curly hair. If you use a blow dryer on curly hair, then you will end up with flattened curls and frizzy hair. With a diffuser, however, you can plump your curls while blow drying, thus enhancing your curls instead of blowing them flat. Additionally, a diffuser softens the hot air drying your hair, which reduces the production of frizz and makes your curls softer and shinier. Another tool that can help you in drying your curly hair is towels that are made with a smoother and slightly less absorbent material. These kinds of towels allow you to use a towel on your hair that will not be as harsh on your curly hair. If you use a regular towel, you risk not only crushing your curls, but absorbing too much moisture from your hair, thus creating more frizz.

Styling Products
There are also some curly hair products that are important in eliminating frizz while styling your hair. You can use a volumizer in order to enhance the fullness of your curls, thus making your curls more voluminous without having to tease your hair. This is very important because teasing can create more frizz for your hair. Also, you can use gel or styling cream in order to shape your curls and lay down fly-away frizz. These products moisturize your hair in order to eliminate frizz.

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