Monday, August 26, 2013

The Cars That Cool Moms Drive

Modern moms have grown tired of the "suburban soccer mom" stereotype that follows them around—right down to the cars they drive. Sure, moms need economical vehicles that safely tote kids and assorted cargo. But they also need cars that are stylish and fun to drive, whether it's to soccer practice or a "Girl's Night Out" cocktail party. You can have a vehicle that has all the traits you want. When researching cars for sale, put away the mom jeans and keep an eye out for the most stylish and functional models of the year.

Infiniti JX35

The 2013 Infiniti JX35 may just be the créme de la créme for moms who spend hours in the car trekking and schlepping their kids and friends around town. This comfort wagon has room for oodles of kids (or at least seven of them) in a middle and third seat.
Each driver has their own unique car key. When the key is inserted to start the car, it automatically resets the driver’s seat, steering wheel and outside mirrors to the exact spot desired by the owner of that key. Now, if they would only figure out a way to stop your teenager from constantly changing your radio presets.
Premium packages include a blind-spot warning and lane departure notification. The latter sounds an alert when the car crosses out of its lane, which can be life-saving for a mom who may be distracted by a car full of noisy children. The car starts at $41,250 and gets 24 mpg on the highway.
2013 Infiniti JX35
Photo of 2013 Infiniti JX by Tino Rossini via Flickr

Chevrolet Traverse 2LT FWD

This car gets 24 mpg on the highway and can carry eight passengers. One hand is all it takes to swivel the center seat out of the way to allow adults unfettered access to the third seat. Standard equipment includes a back-up camera. This is especially handy in cluttered driveways or crowded parking lots. Child safety is of top importance, but it's also a nice feature to show off to your friends. The new Traverse remains structurally unchanged from the 2012 model year. It starts at $36,580.
File:2013 Chevrolet Traverse LTZ -- 2012 NYIAS 1.JPG
Photo of 2013 Chevrolet Traverse via Wikimedia Commons. All Rights Released.

Volvo XC60 3.2

Don't groan when you hear "Volvo." This is not your mother's model.
The 2013 Volvo XC60 3.2 is for smaller families. It only carries five passengers, but it has great cargo space. It has received the highest crash test scores from the Insurance Institute for Safety. It comes with optional parking sensors and a rearview camera. It combines sporty features with the stability of a safe family car and gets 25 mpg on the highway. The base price begins at $34,350.
CIAS 2013 - Volvo XC60
Photo of the Volvo XC60 by Michael Gil via Flickr

Honda Odyssey Minivan

If you never thought a minivan could be cool, think again. The Odyssey ranked first in overall quality, desirability and safety out of six minivans that were tested. It comfortably seats up to eight people. It comes with a standard rearview camera. Kids won't sit still? Nothing an episode of "Yo Gabba Gabba" can't cure. Moms have an option of including a DVD entertainment system.
The model hasn’t changed much since 2011 so a used Odyssey has similar features to the new one. It gets 27 mpg on the freeway. The drawback is that the base price of $28,675 can easily reach $44,000 as extra features are added.
The Odyssey was awarded the U.S. News Best Cars for Families for 2013. There is a lot of cargo space for hauling sports equipment. With fewer passengers, the third seat almost disappears to make more room for more stuff.
Photo of Honday Odyssey by David Guo via Flickr

Toyota Prius V

For economy, this car can hardly be beat. Its new cost ranges from about $26,000 to $30,000, and it gets 40 mpg on the highway. It has room for five people to ride comfortably without feeling cramped. The back seat easily adjusts to either allow more leg room or for extra cargo room in the back.
Prius is the original eco-friendly economy car. When moms look at all the miles driven, gas used and trash accumulated from hauling the kids around, buying a car that has a smaller environmental impact feels good. It's also a great way to teach your kids early on how important it is to do your part for the Earth.
2013 Honda Fit EV
Photo of 2013 Prius V by mariordo59 via Flickr
Whether you're a soccer mom, working mom, city mom or eco mom, you're also a cool mom. And cool moms drive cool cars. Your kids (and your image) will thank you.

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