Friday, August 23, 2013

Smart Notebooks

The Smart Notebooks company was founded in 1996 by Samuel Oren in order to address the many handwriting issues kids come across – especially kids with motor difficulties or with dyslexia. When developing the page designs, they took into account feedback from schoolteachers, who have seen many students with the same writing difficulties. Smart Notebooks is a trademarked product. The notebooks come highly recommended and are used regularly by many schools. They are now a regular item on hundreds of schools' supply lists for first and second graders.
The notebooks' graphics design helps children to control the size of their handwriting, and leave appropriate spaces between letters and between words. Therefore, all words and letters are the same size and evenly spaced. The notebooks are easy to use, and the different kinds of notebooks address different levels of writing difficulty. Teachers have raved about Smart Notebooks since their first arrival in the 1990s, calling them "smart". The name has stuck since then. These are great tools to help prep Callan for Kindergarten, and to help him while in school as well! We've been using the Letter Directions notebook a lot this summer, and I think it will help tremendously for Callan in Kindergarten!


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