Thursday, August 22, 2013

Secret Box Subscription

SecretSexBox is the best way for couples to secretly discover new pleasure. When you join SecretSexBox, you’ll receive a private parcel of adult toys and accessories for exciting sexual experiences month after month. When you sign up for SecretSexBox, you’ll receive pleasure products every month, month after month. With each new box of gifts, you’ll discover a new theme to explore on your own or with a partner: Massage, G-Spot, Tease and Please, Showering Together, and more.

What is in a SecretSexBox? One month may focus on massage with a massage DVD and some silky massage oil. Another month may prepare you for a hot summer with cooling gels and icy toys. A third month may introduce some Shades of Grey. A SecretSexBox isn't large; it’s just about the right size to satisfy you...and keep you waiting for the next month and then the next. A SecretSexBox isn't expensive either. Just $19.95 (including shipping).

August's Box was Ice, Ice Baby. It included the Foreplay Ice Chill Vibe. The Ice Vibrator is a bullet vibrator with a soft sleeve that you fill with water and freeze! It also came with a shaving gel sample, and a lubricant sample!


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